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From Middle Dutch moy, from Old Dutch *mōi ‎(nice, pleasant, clean), from Proto-Germanic *mawjaz ‎(clean, washed), from Proto-Indo-European *mou-io- ‎(washed), from Proto-Indo-European *mū-, *mew(ə)- ‎(to wash, wet). Cognate with Middle Low German moie ‎(nice, sheen) (Low German moi ‎(pretty, good, nice)), Middle Low German mūten ‎(to wash the face), and possibly to Latin mundus ‎(clean, neat, elegant). More at mundation.


mooi ‎(comparative mooier, superlative mooist)

  1. beautiful, pretty, handsome
    Wat een mooi meisje.
    What a beautiful girl.
    Ik ben te mooi om te werken.
    I'm too beautiful to work.
  2. nice, good
    Mooi werk!
    Nice work!


Inflection of mooi
uninflected mooi
inflected mooie
comparative mooier
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial mooi mooier het mooist
het mooiste
indefinite m./f. sing. mooie mooiere mooiste
n. sing. mooi mooier mooiste
plural mooie mooiere mooiste
definite mooie mooiere mooiste
partitive moois mooiers

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