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Alternative forms[edit]


motor +‎ boat


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motorboat (plural motorboats)

  1. (nautical) Any vessel driven by an engine (either inboard or outboard), but especially a small one.


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motorboat (third-person singular simple present motorboats, present participle motorboating, simple past and past participle motorboated)

  1. (slang) To press one's face between another person's breasts.
    • 2013, "19 Most Lustable Celebs", VIBE, April/May 2013, page 84:
      You're blind to the blue Pacific water and glaring sun as your entire face is buried in Sofia's bosom—you're motorboating on a motorboat!
    • 2013, "Breast cancer awareness gone too far", The Daily Athenaeum (West Virginia University), 25 October 2013, page 4:
      Other promotional events, such as “No Bra” day or the “motorboating girls for breast cancer awareness” campaign, also take things a little too far.
    • 2015, Jill Sorenson, Shooting Dirty, unnumbered page:
      Tiffany put her hands on Janelle's hips and motorboated her breasts.
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