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In the sexual sense, popularized by Mira Bellwether's 2010 zine "Fucking Trans Women".[1]


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  1. present participle of muff


muffing (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Penetration of the inguinal canal (e.g. with a finger, or by pushing the testicle back inside it) as a form of sexual activity among trans women.
    • 2015, Allison Moon, Girl Sex 101, Allison Moon (→ISBN), page 153:
      Muffing is a penetration technique enjoyed by some non-op trans women. It involves fingering (or otherwise penetrating) the inguinal canals, the canals through which the testes drop during puberty. [] Sometimes the testes are pushed back up into the body during muffing, and sometimes they're simply moved aside []
    • 2018, Eric Yarbrough, Transgender Mental Health, page 177:
      [] she says she and her partner were having a great time last night and she really enjoyed the muffing.


  1. ^ Diana Tourjée , A Guide to Muffing: The Hidden Way to Finger Trans Women, October 12, 2017, Vice