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Possible etymologies:

  • various Germanic languages munter or muntar: Merry.
  • Gaelic: mùin meaning to piss. Munted thus is analogous with "pissed".


  • (file)


munted (comparative more munted, superlative most munted)

  1. (Britain, slang) Drunk.
    • 2008, Robert Merrick, Guilt-Edged Seduction
      ...he might even, if it was okay with Roly, bring a couple of cans of lager to drink: "Only two though, I don't wanna get munted and useless..."
    • 2008, Dave Franklin, English Toss on Planet Andong
      Paul began to walk home, looking for a taxi. Michael called. "Hey, it's my birthday, dude! Let's get munted!"
  2. (Australia, New Zealand, slang) Intoxicated (by drugs or alcohol).
  3. (Australia, New Zealand, slang, by extension) Disgusting.
  4. (Australia, New Zealand, slang, by extension) Damaged or unusable.


Related terms[edit]