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From murther +‎ -ous.


murtherous (comparative more murtherous, superlative most murtherous)

  1. (archaic) Bloody; violent.
  2. Obsolete spelling of murderous (intending or likely to commit murder; bloodthirsty, homicidal)
    • 1611, Randle Cotgrave, compiler, “Assassinat”, in A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongves, London: [] Adam Islip, OCLC 491770318, column 2:
      Aſſaſſinat: m. A murther, or murtherous act committed for gaine, or in hope of a reward; alſo, a ſuddaine aſſault, made of ſet purpoſe, and with a murtherous intent, although th' aſſaulted be not killed.
    • 1662, John Reynolds, “History XI”, in The Triumphs of Gods Revenge against the Crying and Execrable Sin of Murther. [] Book III, London: [] A. M. for William Lee, [], OCLC 771714104, page 152:
      De Salez her Husband ſtriving and ſtrugling for life againſt the pangs of death; fear and haſt (contrary to her intent and mind) had ſo made his murtherous wifes hand ſhake and tremble, as ſhe did not ſo fully cut his throat-bole, but he could yet both cry and groan, which he did very mournfully, and which indeed was ſoon over-heard by a man and a maid-ſervant of his, []

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