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Alternative forms[edit]


name +‎ -able


nameable (not comparable)

  1. Capable of being distinguished and named; able to be called by a specific name.
    • 2007 June 20, Broughton, Trev, “More work for Margery Allingham”, in The Times Literary Supplement[1]:
      The vogue for the sleuth-flâneur [] in the first half of the twentieth century has encouraged recent attempts to map the rise of British detective fiction, and its subsequent love affair with the thriller, onto the shifts in national morale precipitated by international conflict. One train of thought, for instance, suggests that the genre provides nameable, explicable corpses to mourn, after the senseless obliterations of the First World War.
    • 2014 June 6, McElroy, Griffin, “Tomodachi Life review”, in Polygon[2]:
      There's a strange kind of power in games like that; like XCOM, with its nameable soldiers, or The Sims' customizable families.
    • 2019 February 9, Felts, Susannah, “Grits more than 'fuel in a box'”, in Knoxville News Sentinel[3]:
      Grits have been part of the story of the South as long as the South has been a nameable region — and they were around long before that, too.
  2. (obsolete) Worthy of being named or having a name; memorable.