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From French as if *amenable, from amener (to bring or lead, fetch in or to), from a- + mener (to lead, conduct), from Late Latin mināre (to drive), Latin deponent minārī (to threaten, menace).


  • IPA(key): /əˈmiːnəbəl/
  • (file)
  • (US) IPA(key): /əˈmɛn.ə.bəl/

Rhymes: -ɛnəbəl


amenable (comparative more amenable, superlative most amenable)

  1. Willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions.
    Synonyms: persuadable, agreeable
    Coordinate terms: (stronger and more negative) suggestible, gullible
  2. Willing to comply; easily led.
    Synonyms: compliant, complaisant
    • 2020 August 4, Richard Conniff, “They may look goofy, but ostriches are nobody’s fool”, in National Geographic Magazine[1]:
      The communal nature of ostriches may have made these birds more amenable to life in captivity.
  3. Liable to be brought to account, to a charge or claim; responsible; accountable; answerable.
  4. (law) Liable to the legal authority of (something).
    decisions of the Boards of Appeal are amenable to actions before the Court of Justice of the European Communities
  5. (mathematics, of a group) Being a locally compact topological group carrying a kind of averaging operation on bounded functions that is invariant under translation by group elements.



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