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From name +‎ -worthy.


nameworthy (comparative more nameworthy, superlative most nameworthy)

  1. Worthy of being named or having a name; nameable; worthy of mention.
    • 1940, Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys Davids, Wayfarer's words: Volume 3:
      Languor was not in his heart, Weariness not on his brow. . . . for, while he ailed in body, he was, as man, seeking the good of the 'man' in us; he was naming to us nameworthy things that he saw; he was seeking to make us well.
    • 1984, Società editrice il Mulino, Quaderni di semantica: Volume 5:
      [...] pound is intended to serve as a short-cut means of singling out a particular referent or class of referents although the referent or class in question may not really be nameworthy in the long run.
    • 1998, Lenore A. Grenoble, Lindsay J. Whaley, Endangered languages: language loss and community response:
      Words are created for a purpose, as labels for recurring, nameworthy concepts.
    • 2006, Svetlana Vogeleer, Liliane Tasmowski, Non-definiteness and plurality:
      However, since <scissor-searching> does not identify a nameworthy human activity, the VP gawi chaj ('scissors+search') does not provide an optimally felicitous f-structure constituent.