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nasty +‎ -ass


nastyass (comparative more nastyass, superlative most nastyass)

  1. (slang) disgusting, gross
    • 1991, J. R. Creech, Music and Crime, Random House (1991), ISBN 9780345364876, page 134:
      And what a nastyass stale butt it was too, already smoked once and picked out of the ashtray, tasting burnt smoke.
  2. (slang, derogatory) loathsome, contemptible
    • 2011, Kathleen McKenna, The Wedding Gift, Bell Bridge Books (2011), ISBN 9781611940527, page 11:
      If it is a boy, and I know it is, then naming him Charlie is also a way of remembering, but remembering people in my family, who may not be all rich and smart like the Willets is, but we don't got no nastyass old psycho killers in our family tree neither; []
  3. (slang) badass
    • 2011, Dennis Palumbo, Fever Dreams, Poisoned Pen Press (2011), ISBN 9781590589571, page 32:
      "SWAT uses those nastyass hollow points. A head-hit pretty much turns everything into Hamburger Helper.