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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of nasty +‎ -gram. Possibly a playful variation of candygram.


nastygram (plural nastygrams)

  1. (informal) A written communication containing unpleasant material, especially one that criticizes, insults, or intimidates the recipient.
    • 1987 Jan. 24, Steve Kerch, "Realty Terminology: Bird dogs to fat cats," Chicago Tribune, p. 7:
      Ordinary people might find a "nasty gram" in the mail, a notice from a lender who has not received payment from a borrower.
    • 2008 June 16, Nate Anderson, "Cash, not idealism, behind ISP embrace of music biz," Ars Technica (retrieved 10 Feb 2009):
      Virgin Media, one of the UK's largest ISPs, has agreed to forward British music industry nastygrams to subscribers suspected of illegal file-swapping.

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