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Alternative forms[edit]


neo- +‎ pagan


neo-pagan (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to neo-paganism, a modern form of paganism.
    • 1901, J. A. Symonds, American Journal of Sociology 6, page 560,
      The Italian Renaissance produced a brief but astounding burst of neo-pagan individualism.
    • 1877, J. A. Symonds, Renaissance in Italy iv. 193
      The neopagan impulse of the classical revival.



neo-pagan (plural neo-pagans)

  1. An adherent of neo-paganism, a modern pagan.
    • 1868 April 5, William James, letter, in R. B. Perry (ed.), The thought and character of William James as revealed in unpublished correspondence, together with his published writings 1842–1910, (1935), volume I, page 268,
      The very persons who would most writhe and wail at their surroundings if transported back into early Greece, would, I think, be the neo-pagans and Hellas worshipers of today.