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Etymology 1[edit]

See nib.



  1. plural of nib

Etymology 2[edit]

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nibs (plural nibs)

  1. (slang, UK, after possessive pronoun) An important or self-important person.
    • 1919, Robert Nichols, “The Secret”, in The Century, page 734:
      Vera, you are a gleam of brilliant modernity in our dim old cave of antiques — and their nibs, our ancestors." Peter waved disrespectfully to the portrait
    • 1920, Oreola Williams Haskell with Ida Husted Harper, Banner bearers: tales of the suffrage campaigns, page 345:
      Betsey Reed, Her Nibs, was just as witty and quaint as usual, sitting in state in her wheel chair and dominating everything and everybody.
    • 1983 June 5, “OFFSTAGE”, in Chicago Tribune:
      You may also know that, during intermission, Paul and Linda were summoned to a room behind the royal box for a private chat with her nibs.
    • 2004, Michael Arnold, A game with dice, page 59:
      "Your Nibs," I panted, "I am sent by the machine gunner man to tell you that ... "Please don't call me Your Nibs, and knock before you come in next time,
  2. (slang, UK, dated, 19th century, after possessive pronoun) Self.
  3. (cribbage) a jack turned up by the dealer. (see also nob)
    Two for his nibs.
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