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Present active participle of noceō ‎(harm).


nocēns m, f, n ‎(genitive nocentis); third declension

  1. injuring, doing harm, hurting
  2. harmful, hurtful, pernicious
  3. bad, wicked, criminal
  4. guilty


Third declension, neuter nominative singular like masculine/feminine.

Number Singular Plural
Case/Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
nominative nocēns nocēns nocentēs nocentia
genitive nocentis nocentis nocentium nocentium
dative nocentī nocentī nocentibus nocentibus
accusative nocentem nocēns nocentēs nocentia
ablative nocente, nocentī1 nocente, nocentī2 nocentibus nocentibus
vocative nocēns nocēns nocentēs nocentia

1When used purely as an adjective.
2When used purely as an adjective.

Related terms[edit]