non liquet

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Latin, meaning "it is not clear".


non liquet (plural non liquets or non liquent)

  1. (law) A verdict given by a jury when a matter is to be deferred to another day of trial.
  2. (by extension) Something about which no clear decision can yet be made.
    • 1997 April, John Rauk, “The Vocative of Deus and Its Problems” in Classical Philology, volume XCII, № 2, page 141:
      The condition of Scribonius’ text thus raises nagging doubts about the authenticity of “o bone deus.” But even if the digression itself could be accepted as genuine, the situation does not improve, for the near uniqueness of Scribonius’ “o bone deus” makes it vulnerable to any number of possible accidents of transmission. Under these conditions it seems we are forced to set Scribonius aside as a non liquet.