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non- +‎ capital


noncapital (not comparable)

  1. Not capital (in various senses).
    • 2007 January 4, Paul Von Zielbauer, “Soldier Reaches Plea Deal in the Killing of 3 Iraqis”, in New York Times[1]:
      The terms of the plea arrangement will allow the soldier, Specialist Juston R. Graber, originally charged with noncapital murder, to be convicted of aggravated assault and to receive a nine-month prison sentence in exchange for his testifying against three other members of his squad, the lawyers said.


noncapital (plural noncapitals)

  1. A place that is not a capital.
    • 1996, Hill Gates, China's Motor: A Thousand Years of Petty Capitalism (page 69)
      We can separate central places into capitals and noncapitals, as Skinner does, but in doing so we will have separated neither economy nor administration.
  2. (typography) A letter that is not uppercase.