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normal +‎ -ie

Modern popularity seems to be partly reinforced by euphemism of original 4chan slang normalfag, with the new suffix replacing -fag (type of person), the latter being stigmatized on popular social media as promoting bigotry.



normie (plural normies)

  1. (slang, usually derogatory, sometimes Internet) A normal person; one with commonly held, normative beliefs, neurology, tastes or interests.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:mainstreamer
    • 1980, Barry Corbet, Options: spinal cord injury and the future:
      This place is a sure cure for a gimp's feeling out of place and a sure cure for a normie feeling awkward around a wheelchair.
    • 2006, Anne Katherine, How to make almost any diet work, page 200:
      You'll start eating like a normie. In fact, a small amount of food will one day look like a lot.
    • 2011, Bucky Sinister, Still Standing: Addicts Talk About Living Sober, page 97:
      Be jovial but not a comedian. We have a sense of humor that the normies don't have.
    • 2017, Angela Nagle, Kill All Normies, Zero Books, →ISBN, Introduction:
      It is a career disaster now to signal your left-behind cluelessness as a basic bitch, normie or a member of the corrupt media mainstream in any way.


normie (comparative more normie, superlative most normie)

  1. (slang, usually derogatory) Like a normal person.
    • 2017, "The Grandfather Of Alt-Science" by Daniel Engber,
      The split from Pauling, and the death of Laurelee, sent Robinson hurtling further out into the fringe, where he found a small but ardent caucus of contrarians: scientists, like him, who had abandoned — or been ejected from — the normie, left-leaning research community and who made common cause in puncturing prevailing views on smoking, DDT, radiation, depletion of the ozone hole and changes to the climate.