nota augens

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From New Latin nota augēns, from nota (mark, sign; critical mark or remark; note) + augēns (increasing, augmenting). Coined by Zeuss in his Grammatica Celtica.


nota augens (plural notae augentes)

  1. (Celtic linguistics) An Old Irish pronominal clitic added to the end of an accentual unit containing a pronoun, now more commonly called emphatic suffixes.
  2. (Celtic linguistics) A Welsh reduplicated or conjunctive pronoun (appearing in modern Welsh as minnau, tithau, yntau, hithau, ninnau, chwithau, and hwythau).


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From nota (mark, sign; critical mark or remark; note) + augēns (increasing, augmenting).


nota augēns f (genitive notae augentis); first declension

  1. (New Latin) nota augens


First-declension noun with a third-declension adjective.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative nota augēns notae augentēs
Genitive notae augentis notārum augentium
Dative notae augentī notīs augentibus
Accusative notam augentem notās augentēs
Ablative notā augentī notīs augentibus
Vocative nota augēns notae augentēs