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Presumably a calque of the French phrase rien à voir.


nothing to see (uncountable)

  1. Not connected or associated.
    Just eat enough carbohydrates to fuel your brain, it has nothing to see with "not losing weight because not eating enough", which is yet another dieting myth.
    • 1986, Marcel Alfons Gilbert van Meerhaeghe, Economic theory: a critic's companion‎, page 97:
      Roosevelt's New Deal, often called a Keynesian experiment, had nothing to see with Keynes or his theory.
    • 1991, Karl C. Mosler; Marco Scarsini, Stochastic orders and decision under risk‎, page 272:
      It has nothing to see with concavity of the utility function and is defined only in terms of different combinations of commodities.
    • 2002, Lisa Carducci, As great as the world‎, page 1970:
      Why do the Chinese market vendors say "look-a-look," which has nothing to see with English?
    • 2002, Frans J. M. Smulders; John Daniel Collins, Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health, page 207:
      Capillary electrophoresis is a technique which has nothing to see with chromatography, but which is based on the mobility of ions in an electric field.
    • 2003 February 6, “Pires, Trezeguet, Lizarazu rejoin French squad”, in
      "It has nothing to see with their talent but at the moment they are far below the level you are looking for an international match," Santini said.

Usage notes[edit]