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A clarification of the intended sense of oblique.


oblique mark (plural oblique marks)

  1. (typography, uncommon) Synonym of slash/⟩, sometimes (generally proscribed) inclusive of similar marks such as the backslash\⟩.
    • 1804, William Bingley, North Wales, Vol. II, page 338:
      The oblique mark above the letters implies that the notes must come in succession, the upper one first, as this mark signifies a contrary succession.
    • 1941, Rupert Pitt Sorelle, Gregg Typing, page 266:
      Any fraction may be made by typing the numerator, the oblique mark (/), and the denominator. The oblique mark is struck with the small finger of the right hand.
    • 2003, Frank P. Donnelly, Touch N Type, page 20:
      Your fourth finger on your right hand strikes semicolon (;) on the home row, reaches up slightly for p, and down to the bottom row slightly right for the oblique mark (/).