off to the races

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Alternative forms[edit]

Prepositional phrase[edit]

off to the races

  1. (idiomatic) In or into a process of energetic engagement in some activity; in or into a phase of conspicuously increasing satisfaction or success.
    • 1964 July 10, "Industry: Top Money," Time:
      Last week the magazine's tenth annual rating of the nation's leading corporations showed that American business really went off to the races in 1963.
    • 1994 June 3, Leonard Pitts Jr., "Movies," Milwaukee Journal, p. 21E (retrieved 26 Aug 2012):
      48 Hours . . . was followed by hits such as Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop and Raw. Eddie Murphy's career was off to the races.
    • 2004 Jan. 19, Janet Maslin, "When the High and Mighty Tumble, Duck and Cover" (Book review of The Best Awful by Carrie Fisher), New York Times (retrieved 26 Aug 2012):
      And with that, this tartly funny book is off to the races, inviting readers to tag along on a wild manic ride.

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