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Alternative forms[edit]


From off- +‎ split. Cognate with Dutch afsplitten (to split off), German Low German ofsplieten, ofsplitten (to split off), German abspalten (to split off, secede).


offsplit (third-person singular simple present offsplits, present participle offsplitting, simple past and past participle offsplit)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To split off; secede.
    • 1999, Carlo Federici, Paola Munafò, Daniela Costantini, International conference on conservation and restoration of archival and library materials:
      This effect is mostly valid for the condition mostly inclined to offsplit, ie. for a paint on gold.


offsplit (plural offsplits)

  1. A splitting off or breaking away from; a secession; divergence.
    • 1956, Gunnar Östborn, Yahweh and Baal:
      If, in accordance with modern view of the phenomenology of religion, we want to look upon Baal as an offsplit of El, we are for several reasons prompted to regard this offsplit, at first hand, [...]
    • 2007, David Mason Greene, Greene's biographical encyclopedia of composers:
      If he has any claim to innovative importance or influence, it is probably because of his Singspiele, produced in Vienna in the latter part of his career, which certainly hastened the offsplit of German opera from the Italian tradition.