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one-sided +‎ -ly


one-sidedly (comparative more one-sidedly, superlative most one-sidedly)

  1. In a one-sided or biased manner.
    • 1913, G. K. Chesterton, chapter 1, in The Victorian Age in Literature:
      Macaulay was concerned to interpret the seventeenth century in terms of the triumph of the Whigs as champions of public rights; and he upheld this one-sidedly but not malignantly.
  2. In a manner which physically favors or uses only one side of something.
    • 1915, B. M. Bower, chapter 11, in The Flying U's Last Stand:
      The man smiled one-sidedly.
    • 1915, Kathleen Norris, chapter 4, in The Story of Julia Page:
      There was nothing Julia could tell her about sterilizing, or talcum powder, or keeping light out of the baby's eyes, or turning her over in her crib from time to time so that she shouldn't develop one-sidedly.