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  1. (of a garment) Designed to be worn with comfort by people with a wide range of sizes.
    Synonym: one-size-fits-most
  2. (figuratively, often derogatory) Suitable for a wide range of tastes, opinions, situations, etc.
    • 2012, Christoper Zara, Tortured Artists: From Picasso and Monroe to Warhol and Winehouse, the Twisted Secrets of the World's Most Creative Minds, part 1, chapter 2, 51:
      Long before popular music evolved its many genres and subgenres, the industry was driven by a simple one-size-fits-all philosophy uncomplicated by impassioned debates over the origins of trip hop or the difference between deatchore and screamo.
    • 2020 May 20, “Social distancing: Questions and answers”, in RAIL, page 9:
      What about overcrowding?
      [...] DfT admits that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that individual operators are best placed to implement locally based safety plans.
    • 2021 October 20, Mark Rand, “S&C: a line fit for tourists... and everyone?”, in RAIL, number 942, page 42:
      As with other tourist lines, actual peak demand is from mid-morning to late afternoon - 'off peak' in conventional fares jargon. This can (and does) result in overcrowding at off-peak times and near empty trains at 'peak' hours. National one-size-fits-all simply does not apply on the S&C.


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