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Alternative forms[edit]


on +‎ screen


onscreen (not comparable)

  1. As seen on a screen (as of television, film, or computer) rather than in real life.
    The two actors had a very realistic on-screen romance, but in reality they couldn't stand each other.


onscreen (not comparable)

  1. Inside the frame of the cinema, television or computer screen.
    • 2006, Gail Giles, Playing in Traffic:
      I leaned over her shoulder to see two cybergirls yanking out each other's hair. Katy was typing insults that appeared onscreen.
    • 2010 May 10, Herbert L. Tyson, Word 2010 Bible:
      Think of them [task panes] as dialog boxes that enable you to type while they're onscreen.
    • 2017 October 27, Todd C. Frankel, “In $25 billion video game industry, voice actors face broken vocal cords and low pay”, in Washington Post[1]:
      And the best voice actors — their names known to fans and promoted by companies — can become celebrities despite never appearing onscreen.