orthographic neighbour

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Alternative forms[edit]


orthographic neighbour (plural orthographic neighbours) (British spelling)

  1. (orthography) A word that differs from another word of the same length by only one letter.
    • n.d. Wisconsin Medical College, "MCWord: An Orthographic Wordform Database" (Definitions)
      For example, given the word 'cat', the words 'bat', 'fat', 'mat', 'cab', etc. are considered orthographic neighbors.
    • 2010 Pamela Gobin and Stéphanie Mathey, "The influence of emotional orthographic neighbourhood in visual word recognition," Current psychology letters [Online], Vol. 26, Issue 1, 2010 | 2010, Online since 07 October 2010, connection on 30 September 2016. URL : http://cpl.revues.org/4984
      To go even further, the issue concerning the influence of the emotional characteristics of orthographic neighbours has never been investigated directly to our knowledge.

Derived terms[edit]