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ostrobogulous (comparative more ostrobogulous, superlative most ostrobogulous)

  1. (humorous) Slightly risqué or indecent; bizarre, interesting, or unusual.
    • 1951, Arthur Calder-Marshall, The magic of my youth[1], R. Hart-Davis, 1951, →ISBN, page 31:
      "The Beast and the Devil tried to hold a serious business conversation, but Vickybird kept chipping in with questions of a purely 'ostrobogulous'* nature until Crowley became so enraged that he turned Vickybird into a zebra, rode him into a zoo, where he remained for two years before regaining human shape."
    • 1982, Charles Richard Johnson, Oxherding:
      A tissue of ostrobogulous lies, he calls them.
    • 1990, Jean Overton Fuller, The Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuberg: a biography:
      He would speak of an ostrobogulous tale or a passage in the classics.

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