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From interest +‎ -ing.


  • (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈɪntɹəstɪŋ/, /ˈɪntɹɛstɪŋ/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈɪntəɹəstɪŋ/, /ˈɪntɹɛstɪŋ/, /ˈɪntɹɪstɪŋ/, /ˈɪn(t)əɹɛstɪŋ/
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interesting (comparative more interesting, superlative most interesting)

  1. (obsolete) Of concern; affecting, important.
    • 1791, James Boswell, Life of Johnson, Oxford, published 2008, page 48:
      He indeed had good reason to be offended; for though Dr. Swinfen's motive was good, he inconsiderately betrayed a matter deeply interesting and of great delicacy, which had been entrusted to him in conference [] .
  2. Arousing or holding the attention or interest of someone.
    • 2015-11-22, Stan Lee, "Marvel's Stan Lee: 'I'd never really thought of doing comics for a living.'", The Guardian:
      Comics were just another form of entertainment to me, but it got to be more and more interesting every day.
  3. (euphemistic) Pregnant. [from 18th c.]
    • 1751, [Tobias] Smollett, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle [], volumes (please specify |volume=I to IV), London: Harrison and Co., [], →OCLC:
      I found myself in a fair way of being a mother; and that I might be near my own relations, in such an interesting situation, I and my dear companion departed from H—n, not without great reluctance [] .
    • 1838 March – 1839 October, Charles Dickens, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, London: Chapman and Hall, [], published 1839, →OCLC:
      Mrs Lenville (who, as has been before hinted, was in an interesting state) rushed from the rear rank of ladies, and uttering a piercing scream threw herself upon the body.
    • 1928, WB Maxwell, We Forget Because We Must:
      I'm afraid I seem to make heavy weather of my interesting condition.



Derived terms[edit]




  1. present participle and gerund of interest