out of the loop

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Originating around the 1970s, and thought by some to have roots in computer or telephony terminology.

Prepositional phrase[edit]

out of the loop

  1. (idiomatic) Not informed, up-to-date, or current; not included in a process or discussion.
    • 1976 Sept. 16, "Former Nixon Aide Denies Soliciting Campaign Fund," New York Times:
      "I was out of the loop," he added, explaining that he was planning to leave government at that time.
    • 1995, Tom Clancy, Debt of Honor, →ISBN, online edition :
      “Well, we've been out of the loop for a few hours. Anything new that you know?”
    • 2001 Aug. 27, Tony Karon, "Why Macedonians Balk at NATO's Presence," Time:
      The members of parliament have felt ignored by their leaders for much of this crisis, and were kept out of the loop during the negotiations.