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outer space +‎ -y


outer-spacey (comparative more outer-spacey, superlative most outer-spacey)

  1. (informal) Of, relating to, or characteristic of outer space, science fiction, or futuristic technology.
    • 2007, Stewart Stanyard, Dimensions Behind the Twilight Zone: A Backstage Tribute to Television's Groundbreaking Series, ECW Press (2007), →ISBN, pages 266-267:
      In the days of The Twilight Zone, the only electronics were those which scarcely supplemented real instruments (i.e. the theremin — that outer-spacey sing-saw thing most identified with The Day the Earth Stood Still and other sci-fi movies of the '50s.)
    • 2009 11 April, Russell T Davies & Gareth Roberts, "Planet of the Dead", episode of Doctor Who, 00:37:45–00:37:51:
      Christina de Souza: How does a crystal drive a bus?
      The Doctor: In a super-clever, outer-spacey way. Just trust me.
    • 2014, Linnea Sinclair, The Down Home Zombie Blues, →ISBN, page 61:
      Because unless Jorie beamed down that Wookiee-looking one, none of the outer-space aliens looked outer-spacey enough to raise an alarm.