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over- +‎ spin



overspin (uncountable)

  1. An excessive amount of spin applied to a projectile such that its nose does not turn down at the summit of the trajectory.
    • 1905, Eustace Miles, “Tennis and its Popularisation”, in F. G. Aflalo, editor, The Sports of the World, London: Cassell and Company, page 227:
      Then may come that particular feature of Tennis—the Cut. In this one does not strike the ball fair and square as at Cricket and Racquets; still less does one give the ball what may be called the overspin, to make it fly quicker and to give it pace over the ground, as one does at Lawn Tennis.
    • 1916, A. Wallis Myers, “Davis Cup Memories”, in Captain Anthony Wilding, London: Hodder and Stoughton, page 185:
      Jumping from side to side like a cat, three times he volleyed fine volleys of his opponents, and at length netted a magnificent lift-drive by Wilding the overspin of which made it dive for the ground.
    • 2000 April 12, Victoria Sun, “New putter gets some positive spin”, in Las Vegas Sun[1]:
      Because of its construction, the putter is said to eliminate the underspin, sidespin, skipping and skidding of the ball that other putters put on the ball. Instead, Dalton says, it puts 44 degrees of overspin on the ball before it ever hits the ground.


overspin (third-person singular simple present overspins, present participle overspinning, simple past and past participle overspun)

  1. To spin too much or too far.
    • 2002, Paul David Nelson, Fredrick L. McGhee: A Life on the Color Line, 1861-1912 (page xx)
      In my enthusiasm I overspun the handle of the microfilm reading machine and went a few pages further than I intended.