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From ox +‎ -en. Compare goaten, wolven, etc.



oxen (comparative more oxen, superlative most oxen)

  1. Of, relating to, or resembling an ox; oxlike
    • 2010, Gayle A. McCoy, GOD’S GOLDEN BOX: The Ark of the Covenant - Page 100:
      These included the adze, saws of different sizes with, very likely, different size teeth or cutting edges, axe, chisels of various sizes, drills with various size drill bits, a square, plumb line, hammer, maul, and awl, plus a sharpening stone of slate and an oxen horn used as an oil flask.
    • 2013, Michael Wayne Snider, Memoirs of a Dragon Slayer - Page 22:
      He also had a tail like an oxen tail only with a razor sharp bard that he used in conflict to stab or slice his victims.
    • 2015, Amulon Theophilus, Elomaneck: Duraban Rebels:
      He took a great gulp of wine from an oxen horn goblet and with a sigh slammed it down on the conference table. “Warriors!” he bellowed, gazing about as if daring anyone to challenge him.
    • 2015, Christian Bullock, Deathstalker: Of the Line of Mer:
      Kvigr walked the oxen cart between the huts. There were many markings on each of the huts.



  1. plural of ox





  1. definite singular of oxe