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oyster +‎ -y


oystery (plural oysteries)

  1. (possibly dated) A fishery for oysters; a place where oysters are kept and grown.


oystery (comparative more oystery, superlative most oystery)

  1. Resembling an oyster in some way, especially in color or scent.
    • 2005, Davitt Sigerson, Faithful, page 15:
      It strolls along her oystery lips, dipping in and pulling out. Now it moves to the back, and just rests its weight against her, like she's the inkpad for his fingerprint. it turns a little to nestle in, sealing against her.
    • 2009, John Updike, The Afterlife: And Other Stories:
    • [] chairs—their horsehair cushions holding that musty, oystery scent country parlors have—there was fat modern furniture in pastel shades surrounding a glass table supported on wrought-iron scrolls.
    • 2010, Reggie Nadelson, Bloody London, page 215:
      A faint oystery light smudged the November sky outside the window.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:oystery.