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Pāvests Francisks


Borrowed from Middle Low German pāwest (Pope) (cf. German Papst), from an earlier pāwes (with an intrusive final t), borrowed from Old French papes, also borrowed from Medieval Latin pāpa (in use for the bishop of Rome since the 5th century), itself borrowed from Ancient Greek παπάς (papás), παππάς (pappás, priest) (< “father”). In Latvian, this loanword is first mentioned in 17th-century dictionaries.[1]


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pāvests m (1st declension)

  1. Pope (the bishop of Rome, the head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Vatican City State)
    Romas pāveststhe Roman Pope
    pāvesta varapapal power
    pāvesta legāts, nuncijspapal legate, nuncio
    pāvests Francisks, pašreizējais pāvestsPope Francis, the current pope
    katoļu baznīcas galvas, pāvesti Adrians VI, Klements VII un Pāvils III, neparko nedeva piekrišanu karaļa Henrija VIII laulības šķiršanaithe heads of the Catholic Church, popes Adrian VI, Clement VIII and Paul III, did not in any way give consent to King Henry VIII's divorce



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