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pageant +‎ -ry


pageantry (countable and uncountable, plural pageantries)

  1. A pageant; a colourful show or display, as in a pageant.
    • 1609: William Shakespeare, Pericles (V, ii)
      That you aptly will suppose / What pageantry, what feats, what shows, / What minstrelsy, and pretty din, / The regent made in Mytilene / To greet the king.
    • 1849: Henry David Thoreau, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
      The world seemed decked for some holiday or prouder pageantry, with silken streamers flying, ...
    • 2019, Barney Ronay, Liverpool’s waves of red fury and recklessness end in joyous bedlam (in The Guardian, 8 May 2019)[1]
      Anfield had been the usual portable pageantry of flags and banners and songs before kick-off. With the sky still blue above the away end the Barcelona fans stood and watched and took pictures and joined in the pre-match round of You’ll Never Walk Alone.