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Blend of pal (close friend) +‎ alimony (maintenance). Coined by celebrity divorce lawyer Marvin Mitchelson in 1977 in suit of his client Michelle Triola Marvin against the actor Lee Marvin.[1]


palimony (uncountable)

  1. (law) A form of alimony paid to a former partner in a nonmarital relationship.
    • 1985, Joel Schumacher; Carl Kurlander, St. Elmo's Fire, spoken by Kevin Dolenz (Andrew McCarthy):
      Who won, huh? Nobody. Used to be sex was the only free thing, No longer. Alimony… palimony… it's all financial. Love is an illusion.
    • 2002, James A. Abrahamson, Confessions of a Diplomatic Pouch Clerk (page 192)
      Audball's latest pickup didn't seem to care where they were, or anything at all about alimony, palimony, or child support []

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