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palpometer (plural palpometers)

  1. An instrument that uses ultrasound and computer technology to automate the physician's technique of palpation to determine sensitivity of some part of the patient's body.
    • 1948, American Practitioner, volume 3-4, page 723:
      To determine the reliability of ordinary digital palpation we devised a pressure gage, or palpometer, set at a previously determined amount of weight (or pressure), to permit the application of measure palpation simulating the force generally used.
    • 1979, Dudley Cohen Dumonde, Laboratory tests in the rheumatic diseases: standardization in clinical-laboratory investigation:
      However, the use of graduated pressure machines (palpometers, dolorimeters) has never gained widespread acceptance in clinical practice.
    • 2002, Foot & Ankle International, page 199:
      At baseline pretreatment examination and at each follow-up visit, the investigator assessed each subjects pain by palpation of the affected heel using a device called a palpometer.