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sensitive +‎ -ity


sensitivity (countable and uncountable, plural sensitivities)

  1. The quality of being sensitive.
  2. The ability of an organism or organ to respond to external stimuli.
    • 2013 July-August, Fenella Saunders, “Tiny Lenses See the Big Picture”, in American Scientist:
      The single-imaging optic of the mammalian eye offers some distinct visual advantages. Such lenses can take in photons from a wide range of angles, increasing light sensitivity. They also have high spatial resolution, resolving incoming images in minute detail.
  3. (statistics) The proportion of individuals in a population that will be correctly identified in a binary classification test.
  4. (electronics) The degree of response of an instrument to a change in an input signal.
  5. (photography) The degree of response of a film etc. to light of a specified wavelength.

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