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pant-wetting (uncountable)

  1. Soiling of the pants (underwear) with urine.
    • 1950, American Psychosomatic Society, Psychosomatic Medicine‎
      Masturbation, pant wetting, and pica were infrequent.
    • 2001, Douglas Robinson, Who Translates?
      King Lear is not only portrayed as doddering, reduced to lip-smacking and pant-wetting, but deprived of coherent speech as well.


pant-wetting (comparative more pant-wetting, superlative most pant-wetting)

  1. (informal) Involving great fear or hilarity.
    • 2007, Jen Lancaster, Bright Lights, Big Ass
      I don't appreciate laughing myself into a pant-wetting asthma attack upon witnessing my 6'7", 215-pound spouse screaming like a little girl []