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pan- +‎ theology


pantheology (plural pantheologies)

  1. A system of theology embracing all religions; a complete system of theology.
    • c. 1532, François Rabelais, The Histories of Gargantua and Pantagruel, Book III:
      From me, therefore, you shall take this advertisement that what is imputed to me for a vice hath been done in imitation of the University and Parliament of Paris, places in which is to be found the true spring and source of the lively idea of pantheology, and all manner of justice.
    • 1841, Samuel Kidd, China or, Illustrations of the Symbols, Philosophy, Antiquities, Customs, Superstitions, Laws, Government, Education, and Literature of the Chinese, page 92:
      It is difficult to ascertain the sentiments of the ancient Egyptions on the supreme powers of the universe, since much confusion has, no doubt, been created by their nomenclature being intermingled with the Grecian mythology and pantheology.

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