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Alternative forms[edit]


Representing a simplified pronunciation of "spaghetti" that modifies the complex consonant cluster /sp/ (to /p(ə)s/).


pasghetti (uncountable)

  1. (childish, nonstandard) spaghetti
    • 1984 Romeo Muller, Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody, Troll Communications Llc, p14
      "I love pasghetti!" Terry and Nobody sat by the large kitchen window [...]
    • 1988 Meanjin, Volume 47, The University of Melbourne, p332
      'Will you make pasghetti?' / 'Yes, I will.'
    • 1999 Sharon Bryan, "Lunch with Girl Scouts," Real things: an anthology of popular culture in American poetry, Indiana University Press, p258
      My hostess and I eat quiche, the girls spaghetti. Pasghetti. They giggle.
    • 1993 Moyra Tarling, Just a Memory Away, Harlequin Books, p76
      "You know pasghetti's my favorite." Sara flashed Nick a smile as she leaned toward the pumpkin, the felt pen held tightly in her hand.
    • 2002 Vida Adamoli, La bella vita, Summersdale, p31
      When I finished she took her thumb out of her mouth and informed me that her name was Claudia and she liked 'pasghetti'.
    • 2006 Katherine Scraper & Vicki Scraper, Show Me: Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension Across the Curriculum, Good Year Books, p174
      "Pasghetti for supper is good news," said Frankie, holding out his plate.