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From pavēlnieks (commander) +‎ -isks, with k > c via palatalization (with pavēlnieks from pavēle (order, command) +‎ -nieks, and pavēle from pa- +‎ vēle (will, wish)).


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pavēlniecisks (definite pavēlnieciskais, comparative pavēlnieciskāks, superlative vispavēlnieciskākais, adverb pavēlnieciski)

  1. commanding, imperative, domineering, arrogant, peremptory (one who does not admit answers or objections; something that expresses such an attitude)
    pavēlniecisks vadītājsan arrogant, peremptory boss
    pavēlniecisks aicinājumsan imperative, peremptory invitation (i.e., one which cannot be refused)
    runāt pavēlnieciskā tonīto speak in a domineering, categorical, peremptory tone
    viņš bija pašapzinīgs, noteikts, pavēlniecisks: viņš izdarījis, kā atzinis par pareizu, kā labpaticies, pateica otram “turi muti!” — he was self-confident, determined, domineering: he did as he thought right, as he felt like, (and) said to other(s): “hold your tongue!”



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