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From pa- +‎ vēle (will, wish). The original meaning was “permission; wish;” apparently, this word was influenced by the similar-sounding German Befehl (order, command), and changed its meaning accordingly.[1]


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pavēle f (5th declension)

  1. order, command (formal, binding oral or written instruction to carry out an activity)
    direktora pavēlethe director's order
    tiesas pavēlecourt order
    dot pavēlito give an order
    noklausīties, izlasīt pavēlito listen to, to read an order
    izpildīt pavēlito execute an order
    pēc dažām stundām skaļruņos atskanēja pavēle nepiederošām personām atstāt kuģa klājuafter a few hours the command for non-authorized people to leave the ship boomed in the loudspeakers
    pienāca štāba pavēle: Sala jāaizstāv līdz pēdējam vīramthen came the order from the headquarters: Sala must be defended to the last man
  2. (linguistics, grammar) imperative (mood)
    pavēles izteiksmeimperative mood (lit. command mood)


Derived terms[edit]


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