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pedal +‎ -ly


pedally (comparative more pedally, superlative most pedally)

  1. By means of the foot.
    • 1816, A new system of practical political economy - Volume 1, page 28:
      For producing this "velocity of motion" we have a peculiar advantage, in having a double energy always at command, as half our crew are at rest always in the ordinary course of things, which, on particular emergencies, as in the instance of being chased by an enemy, may prove the salvation of the ship, cargo, and crew: not only may the whole muscular power of the crew be employed mechanically, in waorking the wheels of hydraulic engines ; but the different sets of muscles belonging to each man may be alternately employed and relieved by working them both pedally and manually, through the means of cranks, winces, and ropes.
    • 1979, Studia Anglica Posnaniensia - Volumes 10-12, page 132:
      If the object in question moves on the land, one needs to decide if the movement is done pedally, or non-pedally (pedally/non-ped.).
    • 1992, Toshisada Nishida, Topics in primatology - Volume 1, →ISBN, page 147:
      The suspended subject immediately gripped the new support pedally and moved atop it.
    • 2010, John Wesley Tunnell, Encyclopedia of Texas Seashells, →ISBN, page 51:
      During emersion, lower eulittoral species remain pedally attached and thus have elevated evaporative water-loss rates.
    • 2011, Neil Peart, Roadshow: Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour By Motorcycle, →ISBN:
      As a band, we used whatever we needed—keyboard samples, background vocal effects, string parts, whatever. The line we drew was that they were all samples ofus, and every note, or every “event,” had to be triggered manually (or pedally, as the case might be) by one of us.
  2. On or in the foot.
    • 1989, Richard D. Liechty & ‎Robert T. Soper, Fundamentals of surgery, page 312:
      Incompetent deep veins lead to a reflux of blood pedally with the resultant dilation of distal veins, which itself causes valvular incompetence, setting up a vicious cycle.
    • 1996, ‎John David Taylor, Origin and evolutionary radiation of the Mollusca, page 10:
      I therefore consider a solely pedally innervated sole as plesiomorphic for the Mollusca.
    • 2010, Alexandra Horowitz, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, →ISBN:
      We tend to sweat pedally when we are mentally taxed: stressed, or concentrating hard.
    • 2010, Paul Shreve & ‎David W. Townsend, Clinical PET-CT in Radiology: Integrated Imaging in Oncology, →ISBN, page 78:
      For some indications in PET imaging, it is necessary for radiopharmaceutical injections to be administered contralaterally or pedally to the disease process
  3. Concerning the properties of the foot
    • 1895, The Illustrated American - Volume 18, page 345:
      The Emperor made no remark but immediately disappeared below to reappear in a few minutes pedally bared as was his guest.
    • 2008, Stephen E. Braude, The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations, →ISBN:
      People who aren't fortunate enough to have webbed toes (the pedally challenged?) are unlikely ever to mention it to anyone.
    • 2006, Frederick S. Szalay, Evolutionary History of the Marsupials and an Analysis of Osteological Characters, →ISBN, page 260:
      Sthenurine kangaroos, while pedally distinctive, also have the sustentacular portion of the CLAJP located more laterally, as in Prionotemnus, compared to other macropodoids.
  4. Pertaining to the rhythm of a poem, especially as concerns the stress given to syllables.
    • 1966, John Donne & ‎A. L. Clements, Poetry: authoritative texts, criticism, page 211:
      Pedally, on the other hand, they are admittedly far from being examples of the basic lines, the iambic pentameter and the iambic tetrameter.
  5. Involving the part on which something rests.
    • 1952, Marshall Henry Haddock, The Basis of Mine Surveying, page 16:
      Lines through the mid points of all triangles pedally inscribed in a given triangle and drawn perpendicular to the respective opposite sides of the given triangle are concurrent.


pedally (comparative more pedally, superlative most pedally)

  1. (informal) Having pedals.
    • 1972, Audio, page 97:
      “Basin Street Blues.” performed here by Joe Dobbins on a pedally piano.
    • 2011, R. F. Delderfield, Long Summer Day, →ISBN:
      Now everyone rushes up along and down along to no purpose and if you ask me it all started wi' they pedally machines.
    • 2013, Vicky Hutchin, The EYFS: A Practical Guide for Students and Professionals, →ISBN:
      It's one of those pedally boats.
  2. Involving or requiring pedalling.
    • 2014, Jon Barton, White Peak Mountain Biking: The Pure Trails, →ISBN, page 153:
      Flat and pedally, then steep and fast, then catch-a-pedal-rocky, it's great fun, if a little short.
    • 2017 June 27, Tom Marvin, “Intense Carbine first ride review”, in Bike Radar:
      My first day of riding was more pedally and mellow than the second day, which was uplifted by the resort.
    • 2017 July 13, Rachel Sokal, “Review: Northwave Outcross Plus Shoes”, in Singletrack:
      The stiffness is such that I can quite happily wear these for big pedally rides and even went as far as using them as my spare shoes in my last 24hr solo.