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Alternative forms[edit]


pen-pusher (plural pen-pushers)

  1. (informal, often derogatory) A person who performs routine office work, involving mainly paperwork.
    • 1925 June 21, "Letters: Miners Well Paid?," Pittsburgh Press (retrieved 21 Aug 2010):
      A pen-pusher in a Sixth ave. office said a coal miner is paid well. I asked him if he ever dug coal. Oh no!
    • 1988 Aug. 28, Trip Gabriel, Russia's Troubled Superstar," New York Times (retrieved 21 Aug 2010):
      "I had to prove to people who were unimportant, who'd never achieved anything in their lives—the administrator, the pen-pusher—that I could fight."
    • 2007 July 12, Ramanujam Sridhar, "A time to change," Hindu BusinessLine (India) (retrieved 21 Aug 2010):
      Investors may have a lopsided view of the company’s reputation simply because an uncaring pen pusher in the finance department responded lethargically to an investor’s query.


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