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Etymology 1[edit]

Sino-Vietnamese word from , from Middle Chinese (pjunX).


(classifier cục / viên / hòn (“chalk”)) phấn

  1. (cosmetics) face powder
    đánh phấnto apply face powder
  2. (piece of) chalk (a piece of chalk used for drawing and on a blackboard)
    • (Can we date this quote?), Vũ Hoàng (lyrics and music), “Bụi phấn [Chalk Dust]” (in Vietnamese):
      Khi thầy viết bảng, bụi phấn rơi rơi.
      Có hạt bụi nào rơi trên bục giảng?
      Có hạt bụi nào vương trên tóc thầy?
      When teacher writes on the board, chalk dust falls.
      Is there any speck falling on the platform?
      Is there any speck clinging onto his hair?
      (please add an English translation of this quote)
  3. (botany) pollen
    phấn hoapollen
    thụ phấnto pollinate
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

Sino-Vietnamese word from .



  1. (in compounds) to be excited; to be stimulated
Derived terms[edit]