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A man in a banana costume photobombing a group photo of some Halloween partygoers.


From photo +‎ bomb.


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photobomb (third-person singular simple present photobombs, present participle photobombing, simple past and past participle photobombed)

  1. (transitive) To unexpectedly appear in a photograph, especially so as to ruin the picture.
    • 2010, Renato Gandia, "Labour Day rivalry rekindled among fans", Calgary Sun, 6 September 2010 (image caption):
      Edmonton Eskimos fans taunt a Calgary Stampeders mascot who photobombed their group photo.
    • 2011, Ted Casablanca & John Boone, "Caught! Is Matthew Morrison Too Hot to Handle?", E! Online, 31 May 2011:
      Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet snuck into a few snapshots too, photobombing some of the other celebs and making funny faces.
    • 2012, Let's Go Budget Rome, Let's Go Publications (2012), →ISBN, pages 57-58:
      Or you could just grab a beer from a side street cafe and photobomb the fountain pictures of unsuspecting tourists.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:photobomb.



photobomb (plural photobombs)

  1. An act of photobombing.
  2. A photo containing someone or something that is photobombing.
    • 2008, Burt Constable, "Phelps fatigue, feuds and flaps mean Olympics can't end soon enough", Daily Herald, 21 August 2008:
      Athletes are celebrated just for competing. Russian gymnast Anna Pavlova, who recorded an imperfect 0.00 for one of her vault attempts, could try to land a photobomb of herself mugging in the background of all those photos that will be taken of Phelps lugging around his gold.
    • 2012, Andrea Denhoed, "A Few Words About The Stingray Photobomb", The New Yorker, 9 October 2012:
      Today, the photo can be labelled a photobomb, which implies a narrative of surreptitious sabotage, connects the stingray to a whole tribe of obnoxious pranksters, and makes the ray look like his smile might contain a hint of frat-boyish dissolution.


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photobomb m (plural photobombs)

  1. photobomb