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From piece +‎ -en.


piecen (third-person singular simple present piecens, present participle piecening, simple past and past participle piecened)

  1. (transitive) To join; piece (together); fay.
  2. (transitive) To extend by adding a part or parts.
    • 1887, The Twentieth century: Volume 22:
      But when the building, not designed from the first in its entirety, has been piecened and enlarged from time to time, the very nature of its plan is such as to present peculiar difficulties to those on whom the duty devolves.
    • 1904, The Outlook: Volume 76:
      He'd piecened out himself a bunk on one side, and sot him up a stove in the corner, and hove some burlaps down under foot, with a couple of old wracked chairs, so's he allowed he'da sight lievser stop out there daytimes than not to.
  3. (transitive, weaving) To join broken threads or ends in spinning.

Derived terms[edit]