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Alternative forms[edit]


play-actor (plural play-actors)

  1. An actor who performs on stage, especially one who is part of an acting troupe.
    • 1892, The Arena - Volume 7, page 747:
      Suppose Bacon wrote the plays, and that there is no cipher in them ; suppose he threw them from him as " trifles " ; used them to eke out his small income by dividing the profits with the play-actor, Shakespeare, and thought no more about them, and cared nothing for them; and suppose they were gathered up from the actor's hands, with all their imperfections on their heads, and so jumbled together and printed by Heminge and Condell.
    • 2014, Douglas Hill, Torment, →ISBN:
      'Sadly, the play-actor is running and hiding like a rabbit,' the man went on.
    • 2015, J. S. Fletcher, Scarhaven Keep: Detective Stories Collections:
      Mr. Greyle, mister, says that he has no recollection whatever of meeting this play-actor person in America—he may have done and he mayn't.

Related terms[edit]