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plosion (countable and uncountable, plural plosions)

  1. (phonetics) Pronunciation of a consonant that is characterised by completely blocking the flow of air through the mouth.
    • 1923, Michael V. Trofimov, Daniel Jones, The pronunciation of Russian
      In Russian, nasal plosion is confined to cases where both the plosive and the nasal consonant have the same primary articulation. In English, however, nasal plosion occurs also in such groups as kn, tm (as in Hackney ['haekni], utmost [ˈʌtmoʊst]).
    • 1956, Daniel Jones, The pronunciation of English page 121
      Plosive consonants are sometimes not fully articulated ; under certain conditions they may be reduced to stops only, without plosions. This generally happens in English when a plosive is immediately followed by another plosive.
    • 1998, Michael McCallion, The voice book: for everyone who wants to make the most of their voice
      To avoid too much air escape at the moment of plosion, the tongue-tip is placed lightly on the alveolar ridge, the less muscular pressure the better.

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plosion f (plural plosions)

  1. (phonetics) plosion

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