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  • IPA(key): /ˈpəʊɡi/
  • (file)

Etymology 1[edit]


pogie (plural pogies)

  1. Alternative form of pogy

Etymology 2[edit]

A kayaker using a paddle fitted with pogies (which he is not using)

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pogie (plural pogies)

  1. (rowing, kayaking) A protective hand covering attached to the oars or paddles while rowing, canoeing or kayaking. They insulate the hands from wind and cold while allowing the bare hands inside to contact the paddle shaft or oar and maintain grip and feel.
    • 2000 November 12, Merill Hilf, ‘Tis the Season to Layer, Rowing News, page 4,
      Pogies are essential for winter rowing, and I also favor sock liners made of wool, silk, or polypropylene worn under a nice thick pair of wool socks. [] A pogie is basically a mitten worn over your hand with a hole in the side for the oar handle.
    • 2008, John Lull, Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue, unnumbered page,
      Pogies are another option for keeping your hands warm, especially in extreme cold. Pogies are sheaths of nylon or neoprene and fleece that fit over the paddle shaft. You place your hands inside them and grip the paddle directly. Although pogies will keep your hands even warmer than gloves, they will not provide any abrasion protection from rocks.
    • 2012, Dan Henderson, Sea Kayaking: Basic Skills, Paddling Techniques, and Expedition Planning, page 27,
      An alternative is pogies: mitts that extend over the hands, wrists, and a portion of the paddle shaft. Once pogies are fitted onto the paddle shaft, kayakers slide their hands into the pogie tube, where they can grasp the paddle. Pogies allow direct hand contact with the paddle while offering protection from wind. Offered in either nylon (sometimes fleece lined) or neoprene, pogies can also provide insulation.
  2. (cycling, motorcycling) A protective hand covering, sometimes insulated, attached to handlebars to protect hands from wind and precipitation.